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Quality, integrity and good customer service are the pillars on which we thrive. We always hope to please our customers by focusing primarily on their needs, mechanical replacement or repair. The main objective of EMC Towing is to provide the best service to all our clients.

• We offer fast response times.

• We have the skills to help you and get you back on track.


It is to operate quickly and efficiently, that is why we are recognized as the most reliable, flexible and reasonably priced mechanic service.


Offer complete, professional and timely services to its clients, from professional companies to individual clients.

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Do you need a trailer expert? Looking for someone with the experience and qualifications who can help you? If so, you have come to the right place! EMC Towing started in Chicago, IL 10 years ago. We work with experience in rescue and towing, we will be happy to assist you! As a respected towing service provider.

Our company has expanded quite a bit over the years. EMC Towing continues to provide services of the highest standards. 10 years later, we continue with a modern fleet of towing vehicles. With our extensive experience, modern and versatile equipment. With us you will get the quality service you deserve.